'Typographic Selfies'
A workshop by Prof. Kumkum Nadig
Faculty Member, Head, Visual Communication Design, Srishti School of Design, Bangalore

Abstract:  Identity is a person's conception of their own being. The idea of identity is a socially and historically created concept. We relate to Identity and encounter it at many levels– Self-Identity, Cultural Identity, Place Identity, Object Identity or Experience Identity. The workshop will encourage participants to construct self identity using Typographic Masks. Students will consider various frames of enquiry during the design phase of these masks: How do you identify yourself? What is the most important part of your identity? How will you choose and shape a Typeface to reflect your identity?

The workshop is meant to be fun, engaging and collaborative and will end with "selfies" by each participant in their typographic mask.

Students will need craft materials such as cartridge papers in variety of colours, scissors, tape, pencils, sketch pad, paint, brushes, glue, etc.

About Instructor:

Prof. Kumkum Nadig

Faculty Member, Head, Visual Communication Design, Srishti School of Design, Bangalore


Kumkum Nadig
Kumkum is a trained architect, industrial designer and graphic designer. Since 1984 her work has integrated the disciplines of graphic design, visual communication design and industrial design through projects in packaging design, branding and
identity design, marketing collateral design, web design, exhibition design, information design and publication design.
As the Dean of School of Design, Business and Technology, Kumkum has been actively involved in designing curriculum for Srishti’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Visual Communication Design and Strategic Branding. She is also part of the team to plan and set up Srishti’s off-site Undergraduate Technical Program in Graphic Arts and Design Practices. Kumkum teaches studios, workshops and projects across different schools & years of studies at Srishti while managing her own design practice at Kena Design. Kena Design was founded by Kumkum in 2007 and offers design services to small to mid-size companies and NGOs in India as well as in UK and USA.
Areas of Interest: Graphic Design, Visual Communication Design and Industrial Design, Packaging Design, Branding and Identity Design, Marketing Collateral Design, Web Design, Exhibition Design, Information Design and Publication Design.