'Modi Script- Exploring the Forgotten'
A workshop by Mr. Achyut R. Palav
Calligrapher, Mumbai

Scripts are a work of art & each letter a design. The more you explore a script, the subtle beauty & hidden details of its form will be revealed to you. Modi is a practical version of the Devnagari script yet is equally beautiful & highly functional. Having studied the script in detail myself, I have come to realize that, though lost in pages of history, it is an excellent example of font design. The workshop will consist of two main parts: first where the participants will be introduced to the basics of the letters & the second half will be dedicated to exploring the same with tools of their choice. Learning something new gets you off the beaten track of a known script, while allowing you to imagine & to create something innovative. This workshop will help the students see an ancient script in a whole new light.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:
Black Ink, Camel Transparent Photo Color (Box), Markers, Water Bowl, Brush, Calligraphy Pens and Nibs .

About Instructor:

Sri Achyut Palav

Achyut Palav is one of the foremost names in Indian calligraphy today. With his unique approach and faith in the aesthetic appeal of the art, he has made significant contribution in reviving the glory of Indian calligraphy. His efforts & initiatives have made it possible for the Devnagari Script to gain popularity on national & international platform. Through his various exhibitions and workshops in India and abroad, he has demonstrated calligraphy in Devnagari, English & other Indian languages. He believes that each letter & symbol is a design in itself & has the potential of a becoming a piece of art. Calligraphy according to him is like any other art form is all about perception. We can alter our thinking dimensions& broaden our imagination in order to change your perception. Achyut Palav has always considered calligraphy to be the art of the common man & strives to create awareness in the masses about the heritage & modern-day application of Indian Calligraphy. He has successfully experimented in fusing calligraphy with performing arts while working with noted musicians, dancers & theatre artists. With his various experiments with texture, tools, media & various scripts, he has proven that calligraphy has a vast potential for commercial application. Achyut Palav has many publications, exhibitions and awards to his name befitting the tremendous work he has done. His paintings adorn the walls of prominent museums, establishments & corporate offices. He has founded the ‘Achyut Palav School of Calligraphy’ & established ‘Callifest’ –A Festival of Indian Scripts. His current work primarily is to promote calligraphy in all spheres of life and ensure that it reaches newer heights of glory.