Typoday Workshops 27th August 2021
Online Typoday workshops are based on this year’s theme of ‘Hope and Typography’ and are designed to offer exposure on various aspects of typography. This will provide a platform for students from varied backgrounds to interact with experts in typography.

The participation in these workshops are only for registered students.

The following workshops will be conducted on 27th August 2021

Timing:  IST:1400-1530 | USEast:0430-0600 | USWest:0130-0300 | UK:0930-1100 | EU:1030-1200 | Japan:1730-1900

Workshop to be conducted by the following experts:

1. Sri Achyut Palav.......More
Calligrapher, Mumbai
Title: The Magic of Fusion - A Calligraphy Workshop  

2. Prof. G. V. Sreekumar.......More
Typograher, Faculty, IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay
Title: 'Story telling and Narrative through Typography' 

3. Hiral Bhagat .......More
Gujarati Calligrapher, India
Title: 'Gujarati Calligraphy Workshop'

4. Kailash Malviya.......More
Ektype, Mumbai, India
Title: 'Exploring Letterforms in Devanagari Script'  

5. Santosh Kshirsagar.......More
Dean, Sir J J School of Applied Arts, Mumbai
Title: 'How to think beyond basic Calligraphy skill ' 

6. Prof. Udayakumar.......More
Faculty and Head, Department of Design, IIT Guwahati, India
Title: 'Letterforms and patterns'

7. Muthu Nedumaran.......More
Typographer, Founder of Murasu System Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Title: 'Proofing and debuging fonts with Hibizcus tools' 

8. Hashim Padiyath.......More
Faculty, School of Design, Anant National University, Ahmedabad, India
Title: 'Bitmap Fonts' 

9. Kalpesh Gosavi.......More
Faculty, Sophia Polytechnic, Art and Design Department, Mumbai, India
Title: 'The process of learning Calligraphy and Stylization'

10. Narayana Bhattathiri.......More
Calligrapher, Kerala, India
Title: 'workshop on Malayalam Calligraphy'

11. Adam Twardoch .......More
Director of Products, FontLab, USA and
Yuri Yarmola.......More
Vice President Research & Development, Font Lab, USA
Title: 'Creating fonts with FontLab 7' 

12. Paresh Choudhury.......More
Founder - Odisha Design Council (ODC) and Curator - Odisha Design Week, India
Title: 'Creating Isometric Typography Composition '