Title: How to think beyond basic Calligraphy skill

Abstract: There are various approaches to Letter-form design. Each approach gives rise to different results. This hands-on workshop will focus on Calligraphy– one of the key approaches to Letter-form exploration. In this participants will learn about the fundamentals of Calligraphy and use it as a tool to further explore and understand the letter-forms of a script. It will enable participants to open up to new ideas and possibilities of letter-form exploration. This workshop does not require any prior experience of Calligraphy and will be beneficial to both beginners and experts in this field. It is not script specific either so participants can work with any Indian script of their choice.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:
Waterproof Black Ink, Fountain pen black ink.
Markers, Brush, Calligraphy Chisel Pens and flat sponge tools.  
Water Bowl, Rags. 
Paper will be supplied by the organiser.  

About Instructor:

Prof. Santosh Kshirsagar
Dean, Sir J J School of Applied Arts, Mumbai

Dr. Santosh Kshirsagar is a Design Educator and Calligrapher from Mumbai, India. With more than 2 decades of teaching experience , he is the current Dean at Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art. In 2019, he completed his PhD on Handwritting Acquisition in Devanagari script from IDC, IIT Bombay.
He teaches Calligraphy (especially in Devanagari script), Typography and Visual Communication Design. He has conducted several workshops in India and abroad and has given illustrated talks on Indian Calligraphy in Germany, Belgium, London and Japan. His Calligraphic works have been exhibited in Japan with Prof. Mori Kooun, Australia and USA. He has presented his research papers at ICTVC (Cyprus), ATYPAI (Dublin, Ireland), International Graphonomics Society Conference (Japan). He has also designed Typefaces for Microsoft (Window XP) in Gujrati & Oriya scripts.
He is an academic consultant to government  organisations and private institutions in India. He is on the advisory board of Typography Day from 2009. He is one of the Co-Founder's of Aksharaya, a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating awareness about Indian scripts.

Contact details: kshirsagar.santosh@gmail.com