Typography Day 2021

Poster Design Competition Results:

The following are the winning entries from the Typographyday 2021 Poster Design Competition for the title
'Hope and Typography'.

The winning entries will be published and displayed in an exhibition during the event.

The winners are entitled to free participation during the online ‘Typography Seminar and Workshop’ on 27th and 28th August 2021 hosted by IDC School of Design (IDC), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) with support from India Design Association (InDeAs ) and Aksharaya.


by Lana Osama Suaifan, Jordan

by Rajrupa Biswas, India

by Amit Patjoshi, India

by Christoph Stettler, Switzerland

by Christoph Stettler, Switzerland

by Sara Arafat Abu Ghalyoun, Jordan

by Brian Alvin Hananto, Indonesia

by Lana Nasrin Bavafa, Iran

by Mohammad Rezaeian, Iran

by Selcuk Ozis, Turkey

by Karanjavkar Deepali Chandrakant Sushma, India

by Annu Jose, India

by Anna Black, Ukraine

by Anuran Mukherjee, India

by Lekha Rajan Tilave, India

by Amit Kumar Sinha, India

by Peng, Hong Kong

by Rakhee Khadabadi Prasad, India

by Ali Delzendehrooy, Iran

by Ali Delzendehrooy, Iran

by Jijeesh S, United Arab Emirates

by Jijeesh S, United Arab Emirates

by Kobi Franco, Israel

by Kobi Franco, Israel

by Ajay Chandran, India

by Zydoon bostami, Jordan

by Yong, China

by Divyanshu, India

by Rashid Rahnama, Iran

by EVREN TURAL, Turkey

by Gokhan Danacioglu, Turkey


by Vaijayanti Ajinkya, India

by Vaijayanti Ajinkya, India

by Aryaki Manoj Thakur, India

by Devasheesh Singh, India

by Radhika Ojha, India

by Hiral Bhagat, India

by Jayasri Sridhar, India

by Mohammad Shahid, India

by Maria GerasimchukDjordjevic, US

by Jillian Coorey, US

by Siddhesh Sushil Shirsekar, India

by Bryant Xavier Jusuf, Indonesia

by Victor Khrushch, Russia

by FrankJoachim Grossmann, Germany



by 施奕廷, Taiwan

by Nitasha Joshi, India

by Hossein Abdi - Life Stream, Iran

by Apurva Giri Sunder, India

by Daksh Kumar, India

by Drishti Mitra, India

by Sha Feng, China

by Hyungjoo A Kim, US

by NENAP, India

by Jheng Chang CHEN, Taiwan

by Azam Safari, Iran