Title: Expressive Typography to visualize Kabir’s Dohas
A workshop by Prof. Kumkum Nadig and Prof. Chaitanya Gokhale

Abstract:  The workshop provides an opportunity for participants to envision typographic / calligraphic compositions for Kabir’s couplets in a manner that engages and visually appeals our modern Indian sense of aesthetics. Kabir was a 15th century revolutionary mystic poet, who composed poems and verses in a crisp and earthy style. His poems cover various aspects of life drawing our attention to not just the divine but also the socio-cultural aspects of life and human condition. Participants will pick any couplet of Kabir, understand the philosophy and meaning of the couplet and then visualise the couplet through hand-drawn or digital typography / calligraphy.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants: 
Participants need to bring with them a laptop with drawing and imaging softwares if they wish to work on creating digital typographic compositions. However, those who wish to work with their hands need only bring black ink and large calligraphic pen tools / large flat brushes. Paper will be provided.

About Instructor:

Prof. Kumkum Nadig

Dean and Senior Faculty, Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore, India

Kumkum is a visual communication designer and an educator. With over 35 years of professional and 20 years of academic experience, Kumkum brings with her a unique approach to visual communication that is informed by her multi-faceted education in architecture, industrial design and graphic design.
Kumkum currently holds the position of the dean of school of design, business and technology at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, and also works as a design director at her design firm Kena Design.
Kumkum’s interests are in design education, curriculum planning, art and design history, expressive typography, book arts as well as music, farming, and herbology.

Contact details: kumkum@srishti.ac.in