Title: Demystifying Brahmi – Going to the Roots of Indian Scripts

Abstract: The Brahmi script is the one of the earliest and most influential writing systems developed in India. It came into exitance after the Indus Valley Script. It is often referred to as the mother of Indian Scripts as all modern Indian scripts and several scripts found in Southeast and East Asia are derived from Brahmi. The earliest and best-known specimens of this abugida script are found on the rock-cut edicts of Emperor Ashoka and usually found carved on rocks, caves, stones slabs, and rock pillars.

What Does This Workshop Offer?

This workshop is more than an activity. It is a chance to explore and get acquainted with the forms of an ancient script that had the immense potential to evolve in the multiple scripts that are used across the Indian Subcontinent. The modest and somewhat crude designs of letters paved the way for the refined versions of today. To become familiar with, learning the vowels, consonants and the aesthetic aspects of the Brahmi, a 3rd Century BCE script is going to be a rewarding, beautiful experience. It will instill a sense of pride of being the descendants of the great Indians of past who had the immense design and aesthetic sense to have created this astounding script.

About Instructor:

Ashok Gopal Parab
Advertising Professional and Visual Communication Designer | Educator | Traveller | Founder and Director - ashoklipishala, India

Ashok Parab is G.D. Art from Sir. J. J. Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai and has a Masters in Fine Art (Applied Art) from NIMS University, Jaipur (Rajasthan). He has an extensive experience that spans over 35 years in the field of advertising and communication design. He has worked for many prestigious brands and has been a key play in teams of, some of the leading agencies in India. With his creativity, knowledge of typography and calligraphy, he has successfully executed various projects in communication design. His stellar work and acumen have earned him meny National Awards and various international awards.

Apart from being a gifted designer he is also an inspiring educator. Ashok Parab is closely connected with many educational institutes and colleges in Maharashtra and conducts lectures and workshops for art students across India. This teacher is also an ever-eager student. Indian scripts, ancient and modern, have always held a special place in his heart. A project related to Indian scripts had been in his mind for long time. To bring his vision to life, he took a break from his advertising career and set on a unique journey of ‘Bharat Darshan’ across various Indian states. The quest is an ongoing one. He now showcases the knowledge gathered in his travels by using his skills in calligraphy to visually connect the viewer to various Indian scripts and lets people experience moments from the colossal history of India through a contemporary lens.

The result of this exercise is an Institute and a website called www.ashoklipishala.com. This venture is not only highly informative but one can learn ancient and modern Indian scripts through online courses

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