Title: Letters in harmony: The first steps to type design

Abstract: This workshop will delve into the process of drawing letters using existing Devanagari lettering as a launchpad. Participants will learn how to analyse the sample lettering, identify its visual features and draw more letters that match with the sample lettering. This hands-on workshop will help participants to understand the visual dynamics of captivating lettering and learn methods of creating their own lettering styles. This workshop is open to students and designers alike.

Materials/Tools suggested:
Pencils, black markers(Round tip or Chisel Nib), measuring scale, eraser.

About Instructor:

Kailash Malviya
Type Designer, Ek Type, Mumbai

Kailash Malviya is typeface designer and calligrapher based in Mumbai with an experience of over 5 years in the discipline of letter-design. Graduating from Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art in 2018, he has since worked with Ek Type, a Mumbai based type foundry, and created typefaces like Gotu Latin, Noto Serif Dogra and Anek Devanagari.