Title: 'Sacred Strokes of Calligraphy'
A workshop by Hiral Bhagat

Abstract:  Strokes are the fundamental elements to construct letterforms in calligraphy. The skeleton of the letters remains consistent underline geometry while strokes provides unique characters to the
letterforms. The tools of making strokes on the surface play an equally important role to create strokes which can be thick-thine, light-dark, opaque-transparent, hard-soft etc. Finally, these variations generate visual grammar for the written text and matter. A calligrapher searches for meaningful and creative strokes through the process which make it sacred for the art of calligraphy.

Why this Workshop:

This workshop will focus on the creation of creative and imaginative strokes for the construction of calligraphic letterforms. The participants will develop interesting calligraphic strokes with the help of calligraphy tools by controlling hand pressure and movement. The strokes become inseparable and integrated components of the letters. The skeleton structure of letterforms will serve as diagram of the hidden geometry, over which the participants will create their innovative letterforms using the selected strokes.
The workshop will sensitize them towards the size, shape, weight, rhythm, flow, balance and proportion of stokes in the field of calligraphy. The workshop will encourage them to work in the form rather than around the form to produce meaningful calligraphy.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:
Calligraphy ink,
Small container to take out Ink
Rough Cloth
Calligraphy tools – Bamboo/Metal Pen/Steel Pen
100 gsm bleed proof paper –A3 size
Pencil, Scale, Eraser

About Instructor:

Hiral Bhagat
Gujarati Calligrapher

Hiral Bhagat has done five years diploma in Applied Art from C.N. College of fine arts. After finishing her diploma she worked for several graphic design firms in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. She has inclination towards calligraphy from her college days and later she got an opportunity to learn calligraphy in Mumbai. During her training period she had participated in various workshops, demonstrations and calligraphy group exhibitions at Mumbai.

While doing so, she realized to do calligraphy in her own mother tongue. She is exploring Gujarati Calligraphy by her own. Now, her goal is to take Gujarati calligraphy to international level as well as on national and regional level by exploring various aspects of language. Her keen interest is to look at calligraphy as art form rather than just writing form. Her work has selected at various national and international exhibitions and events.

Contact details: hiralbhagat23@gmail.com