'Intro to Font Creation with FontLab VI'
A workshop by Thomas Phinney
CEO of FontLab, USA


Learn the basics of FontLab VI, the new version of the tool used to create most of the world’s professional fonts. The workshop includes:

- What goes into a font?
- Different point types and how to use them
- Introduction to outline creation and editing tools (Pen, Pencil, Rapid & Brush)
- Power Brush, for adjustable calligraphic type design
- Alignment zones
- FontLab's powerful new Shapes and how they work
- A quick look at OpenType variations support

Participants will get a FontLab VI serial number that allows them to run the app free until the end of May.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:
• Each user needs a Mac or Windows computer, with ability to install latest FontLab VI version.
• Preferably, they should have installed FontLab VI version 6.0.3 or later, before the workshop.
• Most users won't even need a serial number, as it can run without one for up to a month. But users who wish will be given a special serial number for a two-month trial.
• I need a projector to hook my MacBook up to, 1280x800 minimum resolution.
• Internet connection *highly* desirable for me, nice to have for participants.
Restricted to students who have laptops and can install software on them.

About Instructor:

Thomas Phinney

Instructor Thomas Phinney is CEO of FontLab, the font tools company. Before joining FontLab he did web fonts and font management tools at Extensis, and prior to that he spent over a decade doing fonts at Adobe, including helping manage their transition to OpenType as their product manager for global fonts and typography.