'What's your Type?'
A workshop by Prof. Tarun Deep Girdher
Faculty, Graphic Design Head, National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad
Abstract:  This (beginner level) workshop will introduce the participants to the cognitive perceptions of logotypes — associations of typographic forms with intangible perceptions of personality and the emotions it evokes. The workshop is divided into two parts — The first part will be a collaborative audit and understanding of the associative meanings of a collection of logotypes and the products they sell. In the second part the participants will follow the design process of ideating, visualizing and create logotypes of their own which emote a specific personality type. They would also get a peek into the personification of typefaces and their emotive associations.

Material to be brought by Participants:
Pencil and erasers, 10-15 A4 Sheets (white), Tracing Paper, Black Pens / Markers. Participants having a Laptop with Adobe Illustrator and some range of fonts on their system will be an advantage

About Instructor:

Prof. Tarun Deep Girdher

Tarun is a Design Educator, Graphic Designer currently teaching at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India’s premier design institute. He has over 20 years of experience in design education, and professional design practice. At NID he teaches important courses such as Type Design, Typography, Printing technology, Illustration, Visual Narratives and Environmental Perception, to name a few. An avid observer of human behavior and technology, he also conducts hands on workshops on screen printing, letterpress / relief printing and hand book binding. As head of the Print Labs of NID, he is working towards creating an enabling environment where students can ‘dirty their hands and clean their minds’ by experimenting and exploring graphic design outside the digital domain. A keen student of social behavior and indigenous visual culture, Tarun also has a passion for hand lettering, hand book binding and designing visually clever calendars. He has designed more than 40 publications in both English and Indian scripts, and is currently practising gurmukhi calligraphy. His visual narratives can be viewed on his instagram handle @tarundg. At NID, he had organised two major international conferences – Brands, Identity and Graphics 03 in 2003 (endorsed by Icograda) and the International Typography Day 2011. He was also invited as the keynote speaker at the Typoday2015 and conducted a workshop on letterpress at Typoday 2018.