'Lettering Workshop: Harmony in type and illustration'
A workshop by Ms. Sulekha Rajkumar
Graphic Designer, Type Designer and Lettering Artist, Mumbai

Abstract:  The strength of lettering art lies in the understanding of letter forms, their shapes, flourishes and textures. A monogram is a beautiful juxtaposition and interaction of letters and motifs. It provides the opportunity to learn how to observe, deconstruct and eventually marry typographic and illustrative styles.

This workshop aims at guiding participants through a systematic process of conceptualising, finding inspiration, scribbling, sketching and finally creating a harmonious illustrative monogram.

Expected Output: After exploring various approaches, each participant will design a monogram, combining two or more letters with illustrative elements of their choice.

Material to be Brought by Participants:
– Pencils
– 2 Doz. A4 Sheets
– Tracing Paper
– Black Pens / Markers / Calligraphy Pens
– Ruler
Participants can chose to perform the task by hand or digitally. Those who prefer handwork, must bring the art material of their choice (paints / photo inks / colour pencils etc.) Those who wish to learn digital lettering will be required to bring their own laptop with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

About Instructor:

Ms. Sulekha Rajkumar

Graphic Designer, Type Designer and Lettering Artist, Mumbai

Sulekha Rajkumar is a graphic designer, type designer and lettering artist. A graduate from Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, she has worked at design firms such as Grandmother India and R+K | Brand Union, where she was Senior Design Director. Over the course of nine years, she has helped build brands for Vistara, Mother Diary, Yardley, Cipla, Micromax and many more. She now works independently with brands such as USL and Cipla, and designs type with Ek Type. Her work has been featured in the Dieline, Pool Magazine and has won awards at D&AD and Kyoorius Design Awards. She has previously presented a paper on multilingual branding at Typoday 2015, and conducted a workshop on the same subject at Typoday 2016. She loves travelling and having serendipitous encounters with different cuisines, music and art. She spends her free time putting these experiences into self-initiated lettering projects.