'Letterbox. India - Exploring letterforms in Indian scripts'
A workshop by Sarang Kulkarni and Yesha Goshar,
Principle designer, Ek Type/Graphic designer, Mumbai

Abstract:  This fun hands-on workshop will enable the participants to understand various parameters of letterform design, explore them to come up with multiple possibilities of a single letterform and to extend these possibilities into styles. The workshop will be composed of several short, task based modules interspersed with presentations, critiques and discussions. The facilitators will introduce the basics of letterforms construction, sketching letterforms based on a given brief and will share their work process. Participants will explore multiple styles based on inputs from the facilitators and extend selected designs to include more characters and scripts. Participants are advised to bring a 2B pencils, eraser, sharpener and ruler. They can also carry markers, brush pens, calligraphy pens, colours etc. Papers will be provided.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:
We would also require the following material for the workshop- Material Requirement: 1/4 size Cartridge paper (10 per participant), A4 size Tracing Paper (1/2 per participant) and Projector.

About Instructor:

Sarang Kulkarni

An alumnus of Sir J. J. Institute of Applied arts, Sarang specializes in type design and Calligraphy.

In 2005, he founded ‘WhiteCrow’ – a type foundry and design studio based in Mumbai. White Crow has steadily found its niche in multi-lingual branding, designing custom typefaces across Indian scripts and calligraphy.

Sarang is also a co-founder of Ek Type, a collaborative type foundry based in India that specializes in developing fonts across Indian languages, many of which will be multi-script.

Most of Ek Type fonts are Open Sourced Google fonts.

Sarang is a part of ‘Aksharaya’, a group of Letter conscious people who channelise their collective efforts to document, promote, explore and create awareness about Indian scripts.

He was speaker at.

Typoday 2009
Typoday 2010
Typoday 2013
Kyoorius Design Yatra 2013
Typecon - Washington DC 2014
And Jury for ABBY AD festival award 2018
Jury for D&AD award 2019