A workshop by Pradnya Naik & Ruchi Shah
IDC IIT Bombay.

Abstract:  A type designer and an illustrator choose to work beyond two dimensions, and are instead working with space, material and physical products.

The workshop is a union of large letterforms made with local materials; therein challenging conventions and blurring boundaries between culture, context and creative disciplines.

About Instructor:

Pradnya Naik

Type Designer

Pradnya Naik is a designer specialised in the field of Indic Typography, Type Design, Lettering and Calligraphy currently based in Mumbai. She has been collaborating with Indian Type designers, Typographers on various projects. Her work primarily focused on Indic letterforms across all the mediums from three dimensional to programmed letter shapes. The past and future of Indian scripts is something that fascinates Pradnya, right from Indian letterforms, their printing history, calligraphy studies from manuscripts and current type technologies. Pradnya has been involved in teaching calligraphy, typography and type design at various design schools in India.

Ruchi Shah

Independent Illustrator

Ruchi Shah is an independent illustrator based in Mumbai. She is an alumnus of IDC, IIT Bombay and the University of the Arts, London. She draws for small books and on large walls. Her work explores places, spaces, materials and techniques.