'Letter Art: TexformSpeak'
A workshop by Prof. Ranjana Dani and Prof Mansi Keni
Faculty Member, MIT Institute of Design, Pune and Rachana Sansad College of Applied Art and Craft, Mumbai

Abstract:  India has a rich heritage, and for an innovative designer, the inspiration is immense. The Indian Cultural quotient has always played a very significant role in shaping our taste for art and design. The tradition of textile design portrays a varied plethora of intricacies and aesthetics. It is the second largest employment generating sector in India. For this workshop we will seek and explore possibilities of crafting ‘TypoArt’ by taking inspiration from various bird, animal and floral patterns used in the textile designs of Maharashtra. This workshop aims to challenge and encourage the participant’s creativity and skill, and to open their vision, to a new dimension of typography through LETTER ART. The Munia border or the Bangadi Mor could be your inspiration. Seek the weaver’s visual to craft ‘typoart’.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:
art material, brushes, pencils, tracing papers, ruler, papers and poster colours.

About Instructor:
Prof. Ranjana Dani

Faculty Member, MIT Institute of Design, Pune

Prof. Ranjana Dani is a Senior Faculty in the Graphic Design Department of MITID. She has been with the institute as HOD Graphic Design for a stint of more than seven years. As an experienced teacher, teaching Graphic Design, Visualization, Advertising and Marketing Theory and Branding and Innovative Strategy she is committed to the core and ever-striving for continuous development of relevant skills in the students; through innovative concepts and methods regarding content and application. She also has had a vast experience as a Freelancing Designer working in areas form brand design to textile design. She has enjoyed the status of a Professional Artist by developing a distinctive style and has also held numerous exhibitions in India and abroad. A continuous interaction with Design Institutes and Design and Advertising Firms has empowered her to stay abreast with contemporary trends.

Prof Mansi Keni

Faculty Member, Rachana Sansad College of Applied Art and Craft, Mumbai