'Arabic Stencil Lettering'
A workshop by Prof. Rana Abou Rjeily
Faculty Member, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Abstract:  In this hands-on workshop, students will be guided into the process of creating Arabic stencil lettering while focusing on disconnected Arabic letter forms. As a first step, we will set the basis of designing type and explore letter spines, strokes and contrast. Each participant will create his/her chosen word. The created words will then be used to form unique stencils. Each stencil will then serve to form a piece of the large text provided to the participants.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:
Students need to Pencils, erasers, rulers, A3 white paper (tracing paper and grid paper are recommended), cutter, masking tape. one tube of acrylic paint a brush.

About Instructor:
Prof. Rana Abou Rjeily

Professor, Lebanese University

Rana Abou Rjeily works as a graphic designer and educator. She has been teaching graphic design and typography courses since 2007 at Notre Dame University and currently at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture in Lebanon. Rana is passionate about both Western and Eastern visual culture and enjoy the challenges of working in an environment where different cultures and languages interact and creatively engage. She is the author of Cultural Connectives, a typographic book bridging Arabic and Latin scripts published in 2011. Rana is also a co-founder of Lebtivity — the number one social calendar for events in Lebanon.

Alongside her teaching career, Rana takes on design consultancy projects, in Lebanon and abroad with various corporate clients as well as NGOs, schools, and the EU commission. Rana graduated from Notre Dame University with a BA in Graphic Design and later acquired a Masters Degree in Visual communication from Central Saint Martins (London) with an emphasis on type and language.

Contact details: email@rana.im