'Indianess in Identity Design'
A workshop by Prof. Mandar Rane,
Facuty, IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay,

Abstract:  Is the workshop for me? If you have designed identities in the past you will have an added advantage, but does not matter if you have designed none. In the workshop you will get an opportunity to design one. About workshop: Workshop includes designing an visual identity for business of an hypothetical client, Sunil. Sunil would approach you to design an identity for his company. Then the fun begins. I will role-play as Sunil and ask tough questions. You will sell your design to me and in the process we rationalize visual identity design. These questions will unsettle us and we would run into a debate. Debates into argument. Arguments will hurt our egos. As a moderator I will make sure we don’t get into a fight and bring back the discussion to our focus, designing visual identity. We continue in this loop until we conclude whether Indian-ness in identity can be achieved.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:
- A4 sheets pencil and paper. Colors Pencil or sketch pen. Laptop is an advantage but not mandatory.

About Instructor:

Prof. Mandar Rane

Mandar Rane is an Associate Professor at Industrial Design Centre(IDC), IIT Bombay. He is a communication designer and interested in solving communication design problems. His research focus is concerned with theoretical aspects of Semantics and communication theory and its application with practice. (design of communication messages). You can learn more about his academic as well as professional work on his personal website: www.mrane.com