'Planar Typography'
A workshop by Prof. Kumkum Nadig
Faculty Member, Head, Visual Communication Design, Srishti School of Design, Bangalore

Abstract: The workshop will encourage participants to look at production and representation of letterforms and words that use the paper as a medium but not limited to the print medium. When we imagine Text or Words on paper we immediately think of it as a static medium, however, Type can express emotions, evoke action and direct the attention, without moving away from its static form. Exploring different planar relations of letterforms, participants will explore continuing of forms in at least more than one direction of a plane. The workshop is designed to be hands-on, making and doing and experimenting what a letterform can become when folded, unfolded, bent, twisted, pulled, pushed or cornered.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:
Cutter, Glue, Scissors, A3 size cartridge papers – 10 black and 10 white sheets, Pencil B and 2B, 12” steel ruler, cello tape, masking tape, small A5 size sketchbook.

About Instructor:

Prof. Kumkum Nadig

Kumkum is a visual communication designer and educator. With over 35 years of professional and 20 years of academic experience Kumkum brings with her a unique approach to visual communication that is informed by her multi-faceted education in architecture, industrial design and graphic design. Kumkum currently holds the position of the dean of school of design, business and technology at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, and also works as a design director at her design firm Kena Design. Kumkum’s interests are in design education, curriculum planning, art and design history, typography, book arts as well as music, farming, and herbology.