'Art Deco Mumbai'
A workshop by Mrs. Kimya Gandhi and Mr. Rob Keller
Type Designer, Mumbai and Type Designer at Mota Italic, Berlin, Germany

Abstract:  Mumbai boasts the second largest concentration of Art Deco buildings in the world. Along with the great deco architecture, these buildings have some examples for amazing lettering for building names on them. These are all in the Fort area and we would like take a group of students for Type Walk, where we will observe, take pictures of these art deco lettering samples. This will be followed by an in–class sketching session, where we can all make our own versions of Art Deco letterforms. I think these Art Deco buildings are a treasure and would love to share this experience with fellow type lovers.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:

Participants must need to have:
* A Laptop with Adobe Illustrator & InDesign application
* Some range of fonts on their system
* Basic digital drawing & operative skill/knowledge
* Some basic knowledge and keen interest in typography.

About Instructors:

Mrs. Kimya Gandhi

Type Designer, Mumbai

Mr. Rob Keller

Type Designer at Mota Italic, Berlin, Germany

Ms. Kimya Gandhi, type designer based in Mumbai, partner at Mota Italic of Mr. Rob Keller.