'Word visual Narratives'
A workshop by Mr. Kalpesh Gosavi
Faculty, Sophia Polytechnic, Art and Design Department, Mumbai

Abstract:  Words are not just a set of letterforms that delivers a meaning in a particular. Word is rather a form of an emotion or an expression which articulates heterogeneous beauties. There are myriad expressional possibilities hidden within a word that can unfold numerous visuals which can be lead to a various design implementation or which even can be studied well to perceive several perceptions of visual communication studies.
The workshop aims to articulate and dissect various ‘Indic languages words’ within a various visual expressions in order to understand the visual probabilities that the word can offer. Understanding of the ‘form of the script’, ‘form of the word’, ‘word visual narratives’, ‘mind mapping the visual thoughts’, ‘ordering the treatment’ within a word would help in giving a ‘visual functionality’ to the word.
The workshop insight would be treating the words with a different perspective, ‘meaning wise’, ‘form wise’ and ‘treatment wise’ and ‘developing sensitivity about form and beauty of the words’.
*The workshop would deliver various visual narratives which can be utilized at the end of the workshop for visual display & study purposes and later for multiple design implementations.

About Instructor:

Mr. Kalpesh Gosavi

Faculty, Sophia Polytechnic, Art and Design Department, Mumbai

Kalpesh Gosavi is an alumnus of Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, India. Holds his BFA and MFA. Kalpesh specializes in Calligraphy, Lettering and design studies. Experimenting with letterforms, developing stylizations, exploring design possibilities, graphic design, visual literacy, branding, publication design and deriving teaching-working methodologies for the same is something that fascinates him a lot.
Kalpesh has taken several workshops- Lectures, especially on Devnagari calligraphy- Indic lettering in remarkable art- design institutions, private academies and in various schools across India. ‘Sensible stroke’ and ‘upstroke’ are the calligraphy & lettering workshop series that he has been conducting serially form past some years for design and visual communication students & professionals. His work exhibited in various group shows in India and latest in ‘Cheongju jikji world calligraphy exhibition’ at ‘South Korea’. Research presentations: Typography day 2010 at Mumbai, Typography day 2016 at Bangalore and Typography day 2017 at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

Currently he is working as a faculty member in ‘art & design department’ of ‘Sophia polytechnic’, Mumbai, even actively working for various agencies, design studios & publication houses.