Title: 'How to use personal insights to create bilingual compelling advertising campaigns?'
A workshop by Joumana Ibrahim
Faculty, Department of Art and Design, Lebanese American University, Lebanon

Abstract:  In this workshop, participants will develop an advertising campaign based on insights from the study and analysis of their own digital footprint. Students will delve into the world of social media and digital content to highlight recurrent patterns in their personal data. They will then venture into the conceptual and visual explorations of advertising processes which will help them express a specific message based on the insight they have collected. They will learn to identify an audience and find the most relevant online and offline communication channels to address their demographic. Finally, the study of the languages and dialects used by their target group will allow participants to use them as communication tools in their advertising campaign.
We will conclude the workshop with project presentations open to the public.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:
Laptops with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and internet access. Papers/sketchbooks and coloring pencils.

About Instructor:
Joumana Ibrahim

Faculty, Department of Art and Design, Lebanese American University

Joumana Ibrahim graduated with an MA from the London College of Communications (LCC) after obtaining a BS in graphic design and a minor in fine arts from the Lebanese American University (LAU). She has been teaching at LAU and in several universities in Lebanon in the past ten years with students at every level from Foundation courses to MA. Before becoming an instructor, Joumana was a senior art director with Leo Burnett in Beirut, where she won a number of regional and international awards. She is currently working as a designer with many clients in Lebanon and internationally. As part of her academic work, Joumana has conducted several workshops in Lebanon and abroad on data visualization, design thinking and advertising to participants from different professional backgrounds.
She has had the opportunity to be part of juries in international design competition, and to deliver workshops and seminars as part of Beirut Design Week since its inception in 2011. She is now serving on the board of the MENA Design Research Centre.

Contact details: joumana.ibrahim@gmail.com