Topic: CRITICAL Thinking - CAPACITY Building - KNOWLEDGE Amplification

A PRE session allows local communities to host roundtables for advancing the aims of the 2017 Design Declaration.  PRE aims to enable ongoing dialogue and development between business-industry-practice-education-research by gathering stakeholders outside of their daily agenda. It is a changer for the Planet

Academics and students, practice and corporate. This is will be only workshop for faculty staff  from Jordan.

Alok Nandi IxDA (video): About PRE as an example of IxDA and Cumulus collaboration.
Sultan Shalakht I IxDA
Eija Salmi Cumulus - on Design Declaration - Short intro on Cumulus. A say about some thoughts on needs for accelerating dialogue and development between businesses, industry, government, NGOs and education and research.


1. Professor Essam Abu Awah ASU Amman Jordan
2. Sultan Shalakht
3. A word by IxDA local chapter designer/person N.N.
what is expected by education and research in design, demands/expectations/ideas e.g.(chamber of commerce or any industry that is or plans to be design intensive...)

Activity Starts:
Topic: Internship
What are the challenges and positive impact of internship as a tool for ensuring the success of knowledge exchanges for the students ? How internship works as a tool for dialogue and development between a university and corporate ?
Splitting into small groups around challenges/questions.

Vote of thanks:
Essam Abu Awah & Eija Salmi