Title: 'Urban Aesthetic'
A workshop by Caitlin Paige
Greenside Design Center, Johannesburg, South Africa

Abstract:  Urban Aesthetic is a typographic exploration of the underlying structures, which inform; not only our daily lives but our collaborative creativity. This workshop celebrates what makes your home, your city, your environment culturally and historically significant by translating this essence into a Typeface. The architecture of the typeface and its influence are pooled from multiple sources to develop something unique and meaningful.  Typefaces live within different periods if you look at some of the great type designers you can see how the design movement influenced the typography. Buildings are much the same with the structure and stylization taking on the trends the technology of the time and in this way construction is vital. You are encouraged to explore and discover new shapes that will influence your typeface. The outcome of the workshop is a design of a workable typeface which will be showcased through a Fontflag with a brief description of use, classification, personality and influences. At the heart of this project is experimentation and exploration, allowing you to delve deep into the world of unusual grids and discover a new way to express yourself as a designer.

Materials/ tools to be brought by student participants:

Computer installed with Fontself (is possible). Adobe Illustrator and access to the internet. Sketching materials such as pen, drawing pad, etc.

About Instructor:
Caitlin Paige

Faculty, Greenside Design Center, Johannesburg, South Africa

Caitlin Paige is a type designer and graphic design educator based in Johannesburg. Since 2015, Caitlin has been a full-time Graphic design lecturer at Greenside Design Center, College of Design. Caitlin’s passionate lies with typography and found letterforms. This craft was developed during her postgraduate study of hand-lettering which earnt her multiple awards and has allowed her to branch out into other fields of visual communication.

Contact details: caitlin@designcenter.co.za