'Making Type accessible through Experimentation'
A workshop by Mr. Aurobind Patel
Typographer, Mumbai

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About Instructor:

Mr. Aurobind Patel

Aurobind Patel was a latecomer to typography having strayed into its captivating web during a publishing project while a student at Harvard Business School. This led him to the rather foolhardy move to quit business school to study design. In hindsight he concedes this would have not have been possible without the sense of untested confidence that plagued many a business school student. An early revelation in his design education was understanding that the roots of typography lay buried in handwriting and well formed shapes. Little did he realise that all the mindless copybook writing that formed part of his early schoolingóhalf an hour each morning before assemblyówould actually form the basis to appreciate the finer points of typography, later in life. In 1982 he joined India Today in Delhi and led the gradual process of revising its design while helping a technical team to implement Atex, the first magazine pagination system in the country. The visual appeal that made India Today stand apart from its competitions was largely enabled by the technology supporting its production. India Today's success earned him an offer from The Economist in London. He served as the paper's Design Director from 1987 to 1999 straddling his passion for both design and technology. In 1990, jointly with Gunnlaugur Briem, an outstanding type designer, he designed Ecotype, a family of text faces now used by the paper. The two also went on to design Times Millenniumóa digital avatar of the eponymous Times Romanófor the Times newspaper in London. Back in India since 2000, Aurobind divides his time between design assignments and gazing at forms and counter forms.